Benefits. Are you doing the right thing?

Help stop benefit cheats

Report a benefit cheat anonymously

You can also access this form in Welsh

If you suspect someone of being a benefit cheat:

  • you don’t have to give us your name if you don’t want to
  • we will keep everything you tell us confidential
  • complete as much of this form as you can
  • don’t worry if you can’t give all the answers
  • make sure you’re not being watched, to keep information confidential
  • if you want to print the form, keep it safe and private
  • read the security details before submitting your form

If you’d prefer to report a benefit cheat confidentially by phone, find somewhere private and call 0800 854 440. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Section 1: About the person claiming benefit

(Please complete a separate form for each person involved).

1b.  Who do you suspect of benefit fraud?

1c. Appearance of person claiming benefit

1d.  Their employment

1e.  Their vehicle details

Please choose one of the following answers

Does the claimant have a partner?

Section 2. About the partner of the person claiming benefits:

Please choose one from this list

2b.  What is the name of the partner?

(If same as above enter 'same as above' )

(if same as above enter 'same as above' )

(if same as above enter 'same as above' )

2c. Appearance of partner?

2d.  Their employment

2e.  Partner's vehicle details (If same as above, please enter 'same as above' in each box)

Section 3: About you

The information you have provided is strictly confidential. You do not need to tell us who you are, but if you would like our investigators to be able to contact you for more information, please tell us:

Section 4: Other details

Thank you for the information you have provided. For reasons of confidentiality, we will not be able to tell you the result of our enquiries.