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Request your personal information from DWP puts small files (known as ‘cookies’) on to your computer.

These cookies are used to:

You must have cookies enabled on your computer to request your personal information from DWP.

How to manage your cookies

You’ll see an error message when you try to use the service if your cookies are disabled.

How you turn cookies on depends on the browser you’re using and how up to date it is.

Find out how to change your settings for the most popular browsers, including:

Find out how to manage cookies for other browsers.

Cookies used by 'Request your personal information from DWP'

Google Analytics

Google Analytics collects information about how you use the service. This information is used to improve the service.

Google Analytics cookies collect and store information about:

Google won’t use or share analytics data with anyone, but you can opt out of Google Analytics.

Introductory message cookie

You may see a pop-up ‘welcome’ message when you first use the service. A cookie makes sure you only see this message once a month.

The cookie is removed from your computer after a month.

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